Collagen information

Collagen and Food

Why should you take collagen?

Collagen intake is not necessary, but essential

Collagen plays a role in maintaining the shape of the skin and making the skin tissue firm. It is an important ingredient that accounts for 1/3 of the total protein in the body, such as skin, bones, joints, and hair, and about 80% of the weight of the dermis of the skin.
  • Healthy skin

  • Aged skin

How should I take collagen?

Nano Collagen with high digestibility and absorption rate for quick results

Collagen is abundantly contained in pig skin, chicken feet, and cartilage, but the molecular weight of collagen contained in these is a high molecular weight substance of 300,000 (Da). Collagen with a high molecular weight is less effective when taken together with other nutrients. Since the digestibility and absorption capacity of collagen peptides varies greatly depending on the molecular weight, it is a product with high intake efficiency as a collagen peptide by increasing the digestibility and absorption rate by lowering the molecular weight by enzymatic hydrolysis.

The smaller the molecular weight, the higher the absorption rate

Collagen intake effect

  • Skin moisturizing/elasticity

  • Antioxidative effect

  • Diet effect

  • Recovery from fatigue

  • Collagen production